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The Tutis3 News page contains useful information about technical issues that may impact upon your business. These will include updates to new technology, urgent issues, that could affect your business, and our recommendations on how to avoid any unforeseen problems within your IT infrastructure.

WhatsApp launches app for Businesses

Communications App developer WhatsApp officially launched its WhatsApp Buisness app across selected markets yesterday. Users in Indonesia, Mexico, the US and the UK can download and use the free app on Android platforms initially. The app, aimed at smaller businesses,...

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Virus Beware

The best protection against viruses and other threats is vigilance from staff. NEVER open email attachments that you're not expecting, double check the filename extension and if in doubt contact the sender BEFORE opening. If you want more peace of mind contact us for...

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Text Bomb, Text Bomb!

It has been revealed that a bug known as a 'text bomb' has been discovered which affects Apples iPhone and Mac computers. The flaw, which typically causes an iPhone to crash and in some cases restart, was revealed in a tweet by software developer Abraham Masri. On a...

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