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Our cloud based SPAM filtering service scans email for viruses as well as junk and cuts them out before they get to your premises. From £15 per month for a small business, can you afford not to?

Spam email equates to a genuine waste of employees’ time. On average, employees take about 16 seconds to go through and delete each spam email (source: Nucleus Research). If the business doesn’t have a spam-filtering service, then up to 70% of an employee’s incoming emails per day could be spam messages. So, 70 % of all incoming emails times 16 seconds times the number of employees in your business would equal to a huge number of wasted man hours per day.


Spam is no longer just annoying but harmless to your computer, computer network(s), or servers(s). A forever growing number of spam messages claim to have their origins from legitimate enterprises, financial institutions, legal authorities, or personal friends and family. These typically contain bad grammar and spelling mistakes. These emails encourage you to click on a link or download to a file, through which malicious software can find its way onto your computer.


Malicious spam often uses threats to get you to click on a link or email attachment, such as “We will close your account if you don’t.” If you do come across an email that has these links, recognize it for what it is and simply delete it. At the very least, exercise extra caution before you go ahead and click on an email link or open an email attachment. These files are notorious for carrying malware and would easily infect your network.


Spammers use malware primarily for stealing sensitive information, such as bank details, credit card numbers, passwords, and other confidential data relating to your accounts. The reason here is fairly straightforward. These thieves are trying to use these financial details to drain your bank accounts or commit credit card fraud under your name known as Identity theft.

ISP Termination

Spammers use viruses to hijack other people’s computers into sending spam because they create a massive network of spam-sending machines without worrying about having their own computers being identified as a spam sender.  If your computer is identified as a source of spam, your Internet service provider may terminate your Internet account.

Down with Spam

Don’t let spam ruin your business goals and profitability. Get your spam protection as soon as possible.  Talk to the experts!

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